Algeria praises military and security co-operation with Tunisia

Algeria’s ambassador in Tunis Abdelkader Hadjar said, Tuesday, that Algeria which has suffered from terrorism for a long time, stands today beside Tunisia to counter any attempt to undermine its security.
The military and security co-operation between the two countries is at its highest levels, he affirmed.
Taking the floor on the 62nd anniversary of the outbreak of the Algerian Revolution, the diplomat affirmed that relations binding the two countries are “exceptional” and “distinguished.”
Abdelkader Hadjar recalled the start to implement the preferential agreement in March 2014, calling for activating the decision of the high joint commission held during the same year, related to Tunisian and Algerian businessmen.
He hailed the fact that the successive heads of governments have chosen Algeria for their first visit.
He highlighted the role played by Tunisia during the Algerian revolution together with Morocco and Libya.
Prime Minister Youssef Chahed who attended the ceremony organised on the occasion, pointed out the solidity of relations binding the two peoples, describing them as exceptional.

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