Kerry, UN chief discuss Syria, Libya

The US State Secretary said on Friday he will discuss with UN Secretary General Designate Antonio Guterres world challenges, like Syria, Yemen, Libya and the Middle East peace process.
During the newly-elected UN chief’s visit to Washington the two will also discuss Afghanistan, the threat of failure of states around the world, weapons, human trafficking and climate change, John Kerry told a press conference.
Kerry vowed that the US would be “supportive” of the new secretary-general and to try to work with him to “help solve some of these many problems we face.”
For his part, Guterres said global conflicts have multiplied in a “dramatic way” and that people are “suffering enormously.”
He commended cooperation between the US and UN as necessary to global sustainable development, human rights, and peace and security.
“The US is an ‘effective added value’ to UN efforts in addressing the most dramatic situations we face today in the world”, he said.
“Amid his 10-year ex-UN commissioner for refugees role, he has found it more important to stop the flow of refugees through diplomacy rather than support those in trouble”, he said.

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