Egypt reiterates support for Libyan parties dialogue

Egyptian President Abdelfatah Al-Sisi asserted Thursday on his country’s position and support for the unity and stability of Libya, including respect to the will of its people who has close ties with the Egyptian people throughout history.
Egyptian Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Alaa Yosif said, in a press statement, that President Al-Sisi made his remarks during a meeting with Chairman of the Libyan Council President Fayez Al-Saraj.
The spokesman noted that Egypt seeking to support reconciliation between the various partiers of the Libyan people and to find a national solution.
Yosif added president Al-Sisi said that Egypt will spare no effort in order to provide an appropriate environment for dialogue between the Libyan brothers and help them identify and address the core issues so that Libyan national institutions, especially those elected bodies can carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the political agreement.

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