Africa-France summit to tackle security issues

The ministerial meeting of Foreign Affairs ministers of France and Africa kicked on Friday in Bamako, one day prior to the 27th Summit Africa-France which will focus on issues on security, peace and economic opportunities in Africa.
During the summit, in which more than 40 heads of state and governments have confirmed their presence, security and peace keeping will clearly be the center of the discussions, French Foreign Affairs minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told journalists on Friday.
Faced with challenges including radicalism or terrorism, human, drugs and weapons trafficking, new forms of cyber violence and those that endanger maritime safety, Ayrault said “we should work together to find common solutions through cooperation, reinforcement of the action mode and intensification of information exchanges.
He added the holding of this summit is an act of confidence in the future of Mali, but also that of the whole Africa.
His Malian counterpart Abdoulaye Diop echoed his remarks, telling the press “it is a sign of great confidence. But it is also the recognition of all the efforts made here”.

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