Algeria-Mali to increase police cooperation

Cooperation between Algerian and Malian police is to be boosted, said Monday Mali’s Minister of Security and Civil Protection, Salif Traore, who is on a working visit to Algeria.
“I am reassured that cooperation between Algerian and Malian police will go further,” said the Malian official, who paid a visit to National Security Command and Monitoring Centre,
“We seek to develop the internal capacity of the Malian police with the support of Algeria,” said Traore, who was accompanied to the command centre by Algeria’s police chief, Major General Abdelghani Hamel.
The Malian official stressed the role of AFRIPOL, “which should allow for a stronger South-South cooperation based on a common reality.”
Salif Traore said he is “filled with wonder at the technological level and expertise of Algerian police.”

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