Algeria to host Intl Conference on National Reconciliation

Algeria would host next July an International Conference on National Reconciliation Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel announced Tuesday in Algiers.
On the sidelines of a lecture on “the freedom of worship in Algeria” given by Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqfs, Mohamed Aissa at the Foreign Affairs headquarters, Messahel said that this
forum, which will be attended by international experts will examine the success of the implementation of the peace and the national reconciliation charter in Algeria.
He added that the Algerian experience has become “a world reference through the democracy adopted by the State as a strategy to combating extremism and terrorism,” mentioning a meeting held four months ago in India on the “success of the Algerian experience in terms of national reconciliation and counterterrorism.”
Messahel has moreover spoke about his week’s visit to various cities in Libya where he met with local officials who affirmed the “number of Algerian fighters within the ranks of the terrorists in insignificant.”

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