Iraq: Paramilitary troops kill 2 IS members

Pro-government paramilitary forces killed two Islamic State members and seized their ammunition truck west of Anbar on Tuesday, a security source was quoted saying.
Alsumaria News quoted the source saying that a force from “Al-Jazeera Shield”, a regiment affiliated with the “Tribal Mobilization”, ambushed three IS militants at the Kilo 160 region, west of Ramadi. A third militant was arrested and a truck laden with light and medium weapons was also seized.
Mobilization forces have occasionally fought off IS assaults on the Kilo 160 region over the past months coincidently with Iraqi government offensives to clear IS havens across Iraq.
IS has held enclaves in the towns of Annah, Rawa and Qaim in western Anbar and near the borders with Syria since the group emerged in 2014 to proclaim a self-styled Islamic “Caliphate”.
The Iraqi government plans to aim at those regions after totally clearing the province of Nineveh, where a few pockets remain after the liberation of Mosul, IS’s largest stronghold, earlier this month.

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