Sudan clashes kill up to 10 in Darfur

Clashes between two Arab tribes in Sudan’s war-torn state of East Darfur have killed up to 10 people, tribal leaders told AFP on Sunday.
The fighting that began on Saturday comes as the United Nations and African Union prepare to downsize their peacekeeping mission in Darfur, saying that overall violence there has diminished.
The clashes between the Arab Maaliya and Rizeigat tribes came months after a similar clash left at least nine dead.
The two tribes have a history of violence over land ownership rights and allegations of cattle theft.
“A group of tribesmen from Maaliya were ambushed by members of Rizeigat when they tried to chase thieves who had stolen livestock belonging to Maaliya tribesmen,” said Ahmed Nour, a Maaliya leader.
He said 10 people were killed and 18 wounded in the clashes 40km southeast of El-Daien, the capital of East Darfur.
The chief of the Rizeigat tribe, Mohamed Madibu, told AFP that the two groups also clashed on Sunday.
He said that three Rizeigat were killed in the initial clashes on Saturday.
“A group of Maaliya attacked some Rizeigat villages yesterday. There are clashes even today, but we don’t have details about casualties,” Madibu said.
Khartoum limits international media access to Darfur so it was not possible to independently verify the toll, and Sudanese authorities could not be reached for comment.

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