6 al-Shabaab killed in Somalia by US drone strikes

The US has carried out three drone strikes in southern Somalia that killed six members of the al-Shabaab extremist group, the military said on Wednesday, as efforts increase to combat Africa’s deadliest Islamic extremist organisation.
A US Africa Command statement said on Wednesday morning’s strikes occurred about 260km south of the capital, Mogadishu. The statement, unlike previous ones, did not give more information on the location of the strikes.
“We assess no civilians were near the site,” a spokesperson for the US Africa Command, Robyn Mack, told The Associated Press. She said they had no details on the al-Shabaab members killed.
The US military has carried out several airstrikes against the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab in the Horn of Africa nation since President Donald Trump approved expanded military operations against the group. The US said the latest strikes were carried out in coordination with Somalia’s government.
The US last week announced that two separate drone strikes had killed four al-Shabaab members.

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