CAR: Over 25 dead in armed groups clashes

At least 25 people in the Central African Republic have been killed in recent sectarian clashes between armed groups, while a new wave of thousands have been made homeless by the violence, the UN said on Tuesday.
In the central city of Bria, preliminary estimates indicate “at least 10 bodies and about 50 wounded” after fighting between two rival factions of an armed group on September 7 and 8, the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its weekly report.
In the east of the poor landlocked country, around 15 people were killed and some 80 houses torched in a violent confrontation between two communities in the village of Yakapi, OCHA added.
OCHA’s death toll is in addition to at least six people killed since Thursday in Batangafo, a northwestern town where more than 28,000 are without aid, according to several humanitarian sources.
The UN humanitarian coordinator in Central Africa, Najat Rochdi, “condemned the attack targeting civilians and humanitarian organisations at Batangafo,” where an NGO worker was among those killed.

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