Macron says France supports full recognition of Kurdish rights

he French Republic’s President on Monday paid tribute to President Barzani’s historic role and his contribution to the fight against the Islamic State (IS), which Kurdish Peshmerga forces determinedly helped defeat.
President Barzani on Sunday announced in a national address that he would not seek an additional term of presidency.
After twelve years in his role, President Barzani will step down on the date the presidential elections were meant to be held – November 1 – despite the eight-month extension which was offered.
French President Emmanuel Macron praised the role of the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani in the fight against the jihadist group, stating “the Peshmerga made a decisive contribution.”
“France, which has longstanding and deep ties of friendship with the Kurds of Iraq, has always worked for the full recognition of Kurdish rights under the Iraqi constitution. The upcoming elections in the region will strengthen Kurdistan’s enduring roots in democracy,” Macron added.
France has been one of the members of the US-led coalition to provide direct military support to Peshmerga Forces in the past years in the fight against IS.

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