Syria retakes Albu Kamal stronghold from Daesh

yria’s army and loyalist militiamen Sunday ousted the Daesh group from its last urban stronghold in the country as regime strikes claimed more lives in a rebel-held enclave near Damascus.
The army said it had taken full control of Albu Kamal in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, which has changed hands several times.
Government forces announced the capture of the town near the Iraqi border earlier this month but lost it to a blistering Daesh counter-attack a week ago.
“Syrian troops and allied forces took full control of Albu Kamal, and are removing mines and explosives left by Daesh,” a military source in Deir Ezzor told AFP on Sunday.
“Daesh put up fierce resistance and tried to use explosives and suicide bombers, but besieging the city allowed the army to clinch the offensive and take full control of the city.”
State news agency SANA also reported the advance in Albu Kamal, saying the “Syrian army and its allies eliminated the last Daesh terrorist pocket in the town”.
A string of territorial defeats across northern and eastern Syria had left Albu Kamal as the last significant Syrian town held by Daesh.
Syria’s army announced on November 9 it had ousted Daesh from the town, but the extremists retook it in a lightning offensive.

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