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IRGC Commander Jafari: U.S. Will Have To Remove Its Bases Outside The 2,000-Kilometer Range Of Our MissilesIRGC Commander Ali Jafari said on October 8: “If America’s new sanctions law [targeting the IRGC] is actualized, America will have to move its military bases outside the 2,000-kilometer range of Iran’s missiles.
EXCLUSIVE: Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Hints At Christmas, New Year’s Attack, Posts Image Threatening Pope FrancisOn November 16-17, 2017, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) channel that regularly issues threats released one graphic hinting at an attack around Christmas or New Year’s, and another showing an ISIS militant standing over the beheaded corpse of Pope Francis.
EXCLUSIVE: French ISIS Operative To ISIS Supporters: ‘I Swear By Allah That Your State, Oh Muslims, Has Neither Been Defeated Nor Weakened, But Rather Your Lord Is Strengthening It’On November 7, 2017, a French-speaking ISIS media operative posted a lengthy text he authored that looks back on six years of fighting in Syria and promises that ISIS is not dead and will not disappear. In it, he describes the current situation as just another challenge in advance of the ultimate victory.
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