Algerian troops discover massive weapons bunker near Mali border

A bunker full of war weapons has been discovered by Algerian army troops near the border with Mali, the Defense Ministry said in statement on Wednesday.
The bunker was discovered by counterterrorism troops deployed in the southernmost locality of Bordj Badji Mokhtar, on the border strip with Mali, after a routine patrol in the area.
The bunker contained an RPG-7 rocket launcher with two shells and magazines, two 12.7 mm heavy machine guns with a barrel, a firing base, three magazines and five ammunition belts, one PKT heavy machine gun, five Kalashnikov machine guns, 11 ammunition magazines and two Simonov rifles, in addition to a load of explosives and bullets of different calibers.
This operation shows the determination Algerian army to secure the border and thwart any attempt targeting the integrity and security of the national territory, notes the statement.
Located in a region plagued by unprecedented security and political instability, Algeria faces ongoing terrorist threats, as tens of thousands of troops are deployed on eastern and southern border to thwart potential intrusion of militants and arms, amid instability reigning in Mali and civil war hitting Libya.

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