France calls for constructive national dialogue in Iraq

France calls for a constructive national dialogue in Iraq to have a “strong and integrated” Iraq and a “respect for pluralism” in the country’s Kurdish region, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Saturday.
The dialogue must be built around four fundamental elements, in full compliance with the 2005 Constitution of Iraq, Macron said after meeting here Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of Iraqi Kurdish regional government.
“The first essential element is that the legitimacy of a federal control of the external borders is fully recognized,” Macron said.
Secondly, the French president said, there can be gradual demilitarization.
“The third is that this dialogue makes it possible to have budget balances and financial transfers just in the spirit of the Constitution, which will allow all the regions to live in. And the last element is that there is full respect for the territorial elements provided for in the Constitution, in particular Article 140,” the Macron said.
Moreover, he expressed hope that this national and constructive dialogue can be launched “very quickly”.
“France will do everything possible to preserve the unity and integrity of Iraq and the full recognition of the Kurds and their rights in this context,” he said.

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