Libya government forces conduct artillery attack near Tripoli

Artillery shelling attack rocked Garabulli district near Tripoli by Al-Kani Brigade of the Defense Ministry of the Government of National Accord Sunday afternoon in retaliation of the abduction of one of the brigade’s fighters on Saturday in the district.
“One of the Garabulli residents kidnapped one of our fighters. We talked to the elders of Garabulli and asked them to release the fighter, but they ignored our request, that is why we attacked it.” Al-Kani Brigade said in a statement.
The attacking brigade shelled the district and the residents were reported in sheer panic as they were trapped amid the heavy artillery shelling exchange.
“Garabulli is a military zone from now until they release the fighter they kidnapped.” The brigade’s statement added.
Garabulli was rocked by a similar attack last year by the same brigade leading to the killing of 12 people from the district.

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