Fighting parties in Libya agree on cease-fire

Forces of the Libyan UN-backed government and the Municipal Council of the western Libyan city of Zuwara on Saturday reached an agreement to stop all military operations carried out by the government’s Western Military Zone service in the area.
“An agreement was reached to freeze military operations in the area from Abi Kamash to the Tunsian border,” Hafeth Ben-Sasi, dean of Zuwara Municipal Council said.
“The agreement also included a call for a meeting between the administration of the border, the Security Directorate of Zawara, and Mr. Osama Joueili, to discuss security arrangements of the region,” Ben-Sasi added.
He also said that the Tunisian border was officially reopened “after it was closed on Friday due to military actions.”
The Western Military Zone service, led by General Osama Joueili, launched a military operation on Friday in western Libya against insecurity and smuggling.
Joueili said on Friday that orders have been issued to immediately close the Tunisian border, pending organization of security work at the border and the road leading to it.
Zuwara, some 120 km west the capital Tripoli, is a major smuggling point of fuel and illegal immigrants.

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