US Central: 195 civilians killed last month in IS strikes in Syria, Iraq

Last month coalition strikes in Iraq and Syria against so-called Islamic State terrorists killed 195 civilians, rising the total number of possible civilian deaths to 601, according to the latest figures released by US Central Command on Thursday.
“In the month of January, CJTF-OIR carried over 406 open reports of possible civilian casualties from previous months and received 195 new reports resulting from Coalition strikes (artillery or
air) in support of partner force operations to defeat (IS) in Iraq and Syria,” according to CENTCOM’s Combined Joint Task Force, Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) monthly Civilian Casualty Report.
Syrian Democratic Forces and Coalition partners killed between 145-150 IS fighters in the Middle Euphrates River Valley in a precision strike on January 20.
The strike involved “exhaustive intelligence and observation to confirm (IS) concentrations and ensure no civilian casualties,” according to the CJTF-OIR report.

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