Erdogan’s new Janissaries… systematic rules of mercenarism and murder

The “new Ottoman Sultan”, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is attracting Syrian and foreign mercenaries from around the world to fight within his army against neighbouring countries he conquers, trying to deepen the idea of ​​the new Janissaries to implement his political, military and geopolitical agendas in the region, and to avoid using Turks in those wars.

Erdogan’s new Janiss

History books remind us of the Ottomans’ experience, during their wars in past centuries, in making an army of mercenaries, called the Janissaries. They are a group of mercenaries and foundlings who fight in order to raise the banner of the Sultan through killing, burning and demographic change in the areas they conquer.

However, the new Syrian Janissaries and those tied to them, have abandoned their country, and given up fighting those who kill their people, in exchange for small sums paid by the Ottoman Sultan to fight and create more destruction in Libya, Azerbaijan, and perhaps later in Africa or the Maghreb region, serving the agendas of political Islam and its master the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

There is a difference between the new and old Janissaries. The Ottoman Janissary Army was a military division of the Ottoman army itself, and was the strongest and most powerful and influential Ottoman army division, who killed and tortured those whom the sultan wanted, in exchange for their access to money, power and women in the Ottoman Empire, up to their mutiny against the sultans at the time. It is completely contrary to what is planned to the new Syrian Janissaries, with whom Erdogan implements his agendas in neighbouring countries, and throws them into their doom, to get rid of them, and their heavy burden in northern Syria or Turkey.

Despite all of this, Erdogan tries to promote that his country has no political ambitions in any country, and that Turkey today has become the hope of millions of oppressed people, from Armenia to Libya, ignoring the river of blood flowing in Afrin, Serê Kaniyê, Libya and Armenia.

The new Janissaries, who feed on blood and chaos, and fight other religions and nationalities in the name of Islam, are fighting proxy wars, turning Libya and Armenia into a regional arena of conflict, promoting the agendas of political Islam and the new Ottomans, against Arab nationalists and minorities. In addition to shuffle the cards and political interests related to oil and gas on one hand, and political ideology on the other.

Erdogan’s attempts to occupy are among the most dangerous files being carried out in the region, in conjunction with the shiitization project of Iran in the country. The difference is that Erdogan exploited the Syrian Sunnis and others in his war to eliminate rightful Syrian causes and fight the Kurds on the Syrian-Turkish border strip, to show his dominance in fighting terrorism (incubator of terrorist ideology).

Erdogan’s new Janissaries

It has become obvious to all that the hordes of new Janissaries heading from Syria to Libya, Azerbaijan and Yemen, are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and its logistical facilitation, to deepen the ethnic-political gaps in the region, and draw a map of blood that cannot be erased for hundreds of years from the minds of those who reject the Turkish invasions of their countries. Consequently, it created a hate speech and a national and religious mutiny that establishes new poles in support of the MB, which seeks to raise the banner of the organization in a number of countries.

Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party depend in their scheme on the new Janissaries, as Turkey, the member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), knows well that these mercenaries only want money, so it offers them good sums in relation to the Syrian or Turkish Lira/currency, while promoting some religious slogans in order to bring them to fight in battles in which they have nothing to do with. Hence, Erdogan won foreign battles without any domestic political cost to the Turkish government.

According to sources from many sides, the Syrian mercenaries work with Turkey only because they get paid for it. It means that ideology or religious principles have no role in volunteering to fight with the Turkish side in Libya or Azerbaijan.

They gain their experiences from security companies, such as “SADAT”, which provides all kinds of logistical, financial and military support. In addition to training, in special camps on the Turkish side, on killing, extremism and torture against women and children in places they invade or occupy, as happened in Afrin, northern Syria, or some Libyan cities.

Erdogan seeks through his political and military plans in the region, and inside Turkey, to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire, using the new Janissaries of mercenaries “politicians, soldiers, artists” as his tools. It has become clear, to him and to the whole world, that the results of these external political and military ramifications will backfire into the inside of Turkey—sooner or later.

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