Aleppo | Security campaign in Azaz triggers popular discontent and panic

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored growing popular discontent and panic, along with Turkish-backed factions being on high alert in Azaz city in north-eastern Aleppo.

These developments coincide with a security campaign by members believed to be of Turkish-backed factions who came in a “Santa Fe” car to arrest several people at a shop in the market of Azaz city, where clashes erupted between the security forces and the shop’s owners with machineguns and grenades. The clashes left several injured.

On December 12, SOHR sources reported the assassination of a media activist working for a Turkish channel in al-Bab town in eastern Aleppo countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, two gunmen on a motorcycle opened machinegun fire on the media activist, while he was preparing a video report on the coronavirus pandemic in northern cemetery of the city of Al-Bab, in the areas controlled by Turkish forces and the “Euphrates Shield” factions in eastern Aleppo countryside.

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