ISIS resurgence in Deir Ezzor | Civilian executed in his house, and SDF fighter assassinated

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Unknown individuals executed a civilian from Deir Ezzor city by firing squad, after storming his house in Al-Busayrah city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The reasons behind this murder remained unknown. It is worth noting that the victim was displaced from Deir Ezzor city after Russian fighter jets had killed four of his sons in 2017.

Separately, unknown gunmen in a pickup truck opened machinegun fire on an SDF fighter in Gharibah Sharqiyyah village in Deir Ezzor countryside, which caused his immediate death. The hit fighter was a former ISIS member before he joined SDF.

These incidents come as a part of the escalating operations by ISIS cells that target ex-ISIS members, SDF fighters and civilians in SDF-controlled areas in Deir Ezzor countryside.

As more fatalities are recorded and updated regularly, the number of people who were killed in areas within the four provinces of Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Al-Raqqah and Al-Hasakah, in addition to the SDF-held area of Manbij in the north-east of Aleppo rose to 618 fighters, civilians, oil workers, and officials in service parties.

The Syrian Observatory documented the assassination of 217 civilians including 17 children and 11 women by armed cells in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, al-Hasakah countryside, al-Raqqah city and countryside, and Manbij area. In addition, 397 SDF fighters, including local leaders, were assassinated in the same areas.

Also, four members of International Coalition were killed. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Human also documented tens of injuries due to these assassinations.

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