New Natanz Nuclear Novelties Neutralized by Network’s No-Go

Iran on Sunday reported that an electrical failure had led to a sweeping power outage in its Natanz nuclear facility, less than one day after new uranium enrichment equipment was plugged in at the site.

According to Iranian officials, the incident, which has shut down the complex’s new advanced centrifuges, caused “no casualties or contamination,” and is being investigated.

Natanz, one of Tehran’s most important nuclear facilities, has suffered several mysterious accidents over the years, including fires, explosions and cyberattacks, blamed by Iran on Israel and the United States.

Iran also has accused Israel of assassinating a slew of its nuclear scientists and prominent program officials.

Over the weekend, Iran and the world powers concluded a first round of talks in Vienna, as both sides look to agree on a mechanism by which the US and the Islamic Republic can return to compliance with the abandoned 2015 nuclear deal.

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