Syrian tribe calls for ‘harsh retribution’ and boycott of US occupier

The Al-Maamara clan said the US forces must be defeated from by the homeland ‘no matter the sacrifices’

On 10 November, Syria’s Al-Maamara tribe called on its people in Hasakah governorate to boycott any meeting or conference called forth by US occupation forces throughout eastern Syria.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) published a copy of the statement released by the Al-Maamara tribe, which reads: “We call on the tribe’s seniors to boycott any invitation from the American occupier to hold any tribal or clan conference.”

Over the past few years, Arab tribes from Syria’s oil-rich northeast have denounced the country’s foreign occupation and expressed their support for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

“We call on the clans’ elders to take up the national responsibility that they were honored to hold throughout the history of the tribe and not be tainted by the ink of labor and succumb to the homeland’s enemies,” the statement goes on to add.

The Al-Maamara tribe also threatened anyone who worked in the interest of the US occupation with harsh retribution, considering him a traitor and not related to the clan.

“We will not hesitate with anyone tempted to deal with the occupation, and its punishment will come down sooner or later, for there is no place for traitors in our ranks, as temptations lead to sin.”

The tribe’s statement also claims that the undeclared goals of the US occupation by meeting with the Arab tribes were only to disperse their loyalties, provoke internal fighting, and weaken their ranks in order to keep them away from the popular resistance.

A few days earlier, the Arab Tayy tribe called for an end to the illegal occupation of Syria by US troops and said it is refusing to attend any gathering under the auspices of the US in Hasakah governorate.

Similarly, Sheikhs, dignitaries, and members of the Bakkara tribe condemned the US’s illegitimate presence and the acts of theft and plundering of the country’s wealth.

They also called on International Community and the UN to call for the expulsion of Turkish and US occupation forces, considering them the main reason behind the region’s instability.

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