Jeremić: Referendum is the only way to prevent the high treason of Kosovo and Metohija

The President of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremić, said today that nothing is over regarding Kosovo and Metohija, because the Franco-German plan has not yet been signed, nor is it binding in any way for anyone except the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, who has verbally committed to it.

As reported by the People’s Party, Jeremic said at the forum in Niš that a referendum on that plan is “the only way to prevent high treason”.

“Vučić verbally agreed to the plan, committed himself and is a personal guarantor of the implementation of the agreement. He has no way back, but Serbia does. “When a simple question is asked – are you in favor of accepting the plan according to which self-proclaimed ‘Kosovo’ acquires the attributes of an independent state or are you against it, the vast majority of the people will be against it and the regime will not be able to steal the results of the referendum,” said Jeremić.

He pointed out that whoever “says it’s over and there’s no going back is not telling the truth.”

“We have a few months to stop, prevent and cancel what Vučić committed to in the last month,” said Jeremic.

Jeremić added that that is why the People’s Party launched the initiative to call a referendum, so that the people would decide whether to accept the plan according to which Kosovo becomes an international actor equal to Serbia, or to reject that plan.

“We are not asking people to go to the front or make any personal sacrifice, but only a signature. What is more logical, fairer and more natural than for the people to express themselves on such an important issue? “This is a question of the survival of the people, society and the state, and the referendum on that issue is objectively the only electoral defeat that Vučić can experience under the current circumstances,” said Jeremić.

Jeremic, who is also the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, added that from the perspective of the West, Vučić would have to remain in power until the plan is fully implemented.

“Until then, a hair should not ‘fall from his head’, his chair should not even shake, let alone that he should be removed from power. This would mean trampling freedoms and democracy ten times harder than we have today. If this goes his way, Vučić would receive the French Order of the Legion of Honor, I wouldn’t rule out even the Nobel Peace Prize, and he would rob us and trample us even harder, decorated with a European order,” said Jeremić.

He added that today Serbia is in the situation that Montenegro was in in 2012, when the regime of Milo Đukanović made a sudden and radical turn from Russia to the West.

“Djukanovic was then given ten years to do whatever he wanted – to trade cocaine from South America, trample on the human rights of Serbs in Montenegro, harass and abuse. “If Vučić’s ‘French-German’ plan goes through, he will receive a similar ‘license’ as Đukanović then,” said Jeremić.

Jeremić pointed out that whoever wants to experience the European future of Serbia should firmly say “no” to the plan for Kosovo and Metohija.

The president of the People’s Party stated that after the change of government, Vučić “must be tried in Serbia, and in such a way that the whole of Serbia is watching”.

“A mistake was made that Slobodan Milošević was not tried in Serbia. The people must be informed about the dimensions of looting and violations of the law during Vučić’s rule. And then we will start the systematic arrangement of Serbia”, added Jeremić.

The head of the parliamentary group of the People’s Party in the Serbian Parliament, Miroslav Aleksić, said that Vučić is not leading Serbia towards the EU, but that the West is not interested in that, because it is “our problem and that is why we have to change it”.

“After the change of government, everyone who destroyed Serbia for ten years must be brought to justice, and everyone must receive an appropriate punishment, so that no one will think of treating the state coffers as a jar from which they can put as much money as they can into their pockets.” will,” Aleksic said.

Đorđe Stanković, MP of the People’s Party and president of the Niš City Committee, said that the committee will offer a program for Niš that envisages “decentralization as a European heritage”.

“Niš is stagnating and we have to change that. “Our plan foresees improving the efficiency of the administration, developing the IT sector and improving the tourist potential of the city,” said Stanković.

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