Szijarto: Hungary will store and deliver gas to Serbia this year as well

The Head of Diplomacy, Peter Szijarto, announced after his visit to Belgrade that an agreement was reached that Hungary would store and supply natural gas to Serbia this year as well.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Peter Szijarto pointed out on Facebook after his visit to Belgrade that the strategic partnership and friendship between Hungary and Serbia is largely the reason why Hungary can successfully deal with current problems and challenges.

Sijarto said that there are economic, security and energy challenges in which the two countries selflessly help each other.

He pointed out that last year a record of six billion euros of trade exchange between the two countries was reached, which means a lot to Hungary.

He also referred to the good cooperation with Serbia in connection with the prevention of illegal migration, saying that Hungarian police contingents are constantly present on the southern Serbian border.

He rated the cooperation in the supply of energy between the two countries as the most important.

“Hungary’s secure gas supply ensures transit through Serbia, and we help Serbia by storing several hundred million cubic meters of gas in our warehouses and forwarding it to the Serbian side when they need it,” emphasized Szijarto.

He added that an agreement was reached that Hungary will store and supply natural gas to Serbia this year as well.

“Also, preparations are underway to double the electricity transmission capacity between Hungary and Serbia, in order to facilitate and speed up the exchange of electricity between the two countries,” pointed out Peter Sijarto.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić confirmed today that relations between Serbia and Hungary are at the highest level.

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