Vučić on elections: Belgrade elections when Đilas calls for them

The elections will take place when they ask me to, said the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, answering the question of when the elections will be held in Serbia.

Vučić pointed out that Dragan Đilas will win the holding of the Belgrade elections and not only him, but others who will ask for it.

I didn’t promise him anything, the Belgrade elections will take place when he wants them, the Serbian president said.

  • No problem – he will win, we cannot hold elections in July. we have to sit down to make an agreement, in autumn or winter, whenever they want, you have to respect your underground opponents. I will help my party with my ferocity, said Vučić.

Speaking about the People’s Movement, Vučić said that anyone who wants to help with their commitment and effort is welcome to join it.

After the local elections in the north of Kosovo, Serbs will feel like they are under occupation

Serbs will not participate in the upcoming local elections in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo and that the government that will be formed after them will not have legitimacy, said the President of Serbia.

Asked how it will be for Serbs in the north of Kosovo after the elections on April 23, Vučić told RTS that it will be “bad, like under occupation” because the government will be formed by Kosovo Prime Minister Aljbin Kurti.

“Kurti will successfully rule North Mitrovica from April 24, you can imagine that power and democracy and legitimacy with two percent of Albanians living there. It will be bad for the Serbs, like under occupation, how would it be for them, that’s why people worry. What can I do? Should I bring in tanks? I can’t, we can’t defeat NATO, and I won’t die. I want to solve things peacefully, to go towards normalization,” said Vučić.

He also criticized Western countries for being “silent” about the fact that Kurti does not want to postpone the local elections in which the Serbs will not participate, after they left Kosovo’s institutions in November.

Vučić assessed that the tactic of the Pristina authorities is to never implement the Union of Serbian Municipalities (USO) and that they will “provoke the Serbs every day” with the desire for the Serbs to provoke something.

“They are arresting the guys most capable of opposing their activities in the north of Kosovo. They want to leave the north of Kosovo without those who are capable of opposing them, so that they can invade by force and rule that way,” Vučić told RTS.

When asked where Kosovo will be at the end of his presidential term in 2027, Vučić said that he “thinks it will be in Serbia”.

“I think it will be in Serbia, and after me, ask someone else. And if they left it for me in Serbia, not in the formal and legal sense of whether Kosovo is in the UN or not, but with what consequences we are facing in the last 20 years, answer that question yourself. I think that it will be in Serbia and that we will suffer a lot, especially the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija,” said Vučić.

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