Romania, Greece declare states of emergency over heat wave

The Romanian government declared a Code Red emergency late Monday (July 23rd) after three more people died of heat-related causes, for a total of 18. Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu said the state of emergency will be enforced in five southern districts and in Bucharest.

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British ambassador challenges Russia over extradition

The British ambassador to Moscow today denounced Russia over its continuing failure to extradite a former KGB officer for the killing of the Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko. Sir Anthony Brenton said Anglo-Russia relations were not in crisis but there were sharp differences over the Litvinenko affair.

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Turkish nationalists look set for comeback in elections

Ahead of general elections on Sunday, the leader of Turkey’s hardline nationalists flung a hangman’s noose from a podium to make a point during a political rally: the prime minister is soft on terrorism and should hang the imprisoned leader of Kurdish rebels.

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