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Iran Warns Iraq about Violation of Border Accord

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency) Few countries may tolerate violation of international agreements by the other side, Iranian parliament speaker said in the wake of recent comments by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that he does not recognize the 1975 Algiers border accord between Tehran and Baghdad.

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Iran’s Intelligence Minister: US Spying on Iranian Officials a Bluff

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency) Iran’s Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhehee dismissed claims that the recent US National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program was a product of espionage operations and eavesdropping on Iranian officials, describing it as “a bluff”.

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Iran Dismisses Britain’s Accusations as Baseless

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency) Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini here Wednesday rejected recent accusations raised by British Foreign Secretary against Tehran, describing such statements as “unfounded” and “baseless”.

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