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Crisis in Ukraine: France calls for a ‘de-escalation’ of tensions

The situation between Russia and Ukraine is “highly volatile”, and it is necessary to avoid “the self-fulfilling character” of the crisis, the Elysée Palace said on Monday. More specifically, the reasons for this “volatility” are linked to the “Russian military presence on the other side of the Ukrainian border”, as …

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How to Retreat From Ukraine

One of the hardest challenges in geopolitics is figuring out how to conduct a successful retreat. We witnessed that reality last summer in Afghanistan, when the Biden administration made the correct strategic choice — cutting our losses instead of escalating to preserve a morally bankrupt status quo — but then …

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Spotlight Ukraine: Latest Blinken-Lavrov Aftermath

From a distance, one gets the impression that this past Friday’s face to face meeting between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, could’ve been done over the phone. Both sides reiterated their differences and announced another meeting, with the Biden administration saying that it’ll …

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