Senior Cleric Calls for Islamic Solidarity

Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati called on all Muslim scholars, writers and people of education to strive to cement Muslim solidarity. “All scholars, writers and speakers should get involved with this issue and strive to enhance Muslim solidarity, they should know that this smoke (dispersion and lack of solidarity) will harm all eyes and will burn everyone. Therefore, all of them should make industrious efforts to put this fire out,” Jannati said while addressing a large congregation of the worshipers during his second sermon on Tehran University Campus here today.

Reminding the crucial role of Muslim unity in defusing enemies’ plots, he added, “That’s why the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called the new (Iranian) year as the “Year of National Unity and Muslim Solidarity’.”

The cleric also mentioned that since their humiliating defeat in Lebanon, the US and Israel have embarked on hatching different plots to cause differences among Muslims and foment conflicts among the different Islamic faiths.

“That’s why since their defeat in the 33-day war in Lebanon, the US and Israel forged and promulgated the idea of Shiite Crescent to inspire the Sunnite Muslims with this wrong notion that Shiites are a danger to them,” he continued.

Jannati warned the world Muslims that the enemy has launched a psychological war and tries to pretend that Shiites are a threat, and further called on all Muslim scholars to stand against this conspiracy.

Meantime, Jannati assured that the demise of the US and Israel is imminent, adding, “However, this collapse of the US and Israel takes time and history is moving in this direction although they may not realize.”

Elsewhere he described President Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy as very successful, and demanded all people and officials to support the government.

The Friday Prayers leader also asked Ahmadinejad’s administration to render full service to the nation and fulfill its pledges, including Ahmadinejad’s promises about nuclear progress.

“The Iranian people are waiting to hear the good news which the officials have promised about nuclear progress,” he said.

Jannati expressed the hope that Iran would gain full access to nuclear fuel production cycle one day.

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