28 invaders, collaborators killed in fierce fighting in Kandahar

1103.jpgThe Taliban have been engaged in fierce and large-scale fighting with occupation forces and their Afghan collaborators since yesterday morning in the Zhari District of Kandahar where Mujahideen have been concentrating attacks in recent days that have so far resulted in the deaths of 28 occupation and Afghan forces, while police were targeted in Kabul.

Here is the lastest mews report from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, published uncut and uncensored, as translated by JUS.

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In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

This news report tallies the harvest of military operations carried out by your Mujahideen brothers in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Taliban on July 14, 2007, all praise be to Allah.

28 occupation, Afghan soldiers killed in fierce battle in Kandahar

Since yesterday morning, a large-scale battle broke out between Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate and the joint forces of the occupation and their puppets in the Bashmol and Siah Joi areas in the Zhari district of the Kandahar province.

In the last 12 hours, the fighting resulted in the death of 28 enemy soldiers, and eye witnesses saw a number of the enemy vehicles destroyed on the battleground. American-enemy aircraft then bombed the area targeting the homes of the helpless civilians that resulted in the destruction of a large number of houses and the injury to many of them.

Fierce clashes in the Zhari district of Kandahar province

Since yesterday morning, a fierce battle has been raging between the Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate and the foreign occupation forces along with the Afghani puppet army in the Masrabad area in the Shah Wali Kot district and in the Hoz Madat area in the Zhari district of the Kandahar province.

In the battle in Shah Wali Kot, an enemy vehicle was hit, killing and injury a large number of enemy soldiers. As for the battle in the Zhari district that is still continuing this morning, the sound of heavy cannon bombing is being heard in the area. There is no information on casualties to the enemy yet.

In another operation yesterday, Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate killed a leader of a security post of the puppet government in the Sanzari area in the Zhari district named Raziq Khan Magrib when he was riding a motorbike. He was targeted and killed along with his personal guard.

Police patrol attacked in Zabul

Yesterday afternoon Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate set an ambush for a police patrol force near the centre of Shah Safa district in Zabul province. The attack resulted in the destruction of one of the vehicles of the enemy. The information about the loss in lives to the enemy is not available yet.

Attack on a security post in Zabul

The security post of manned by police located near the centre of the Meezan district in Zabul province came under attack of the Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate using heavy and light weapons. The attack resulted in the complete destruction of the security post. The enemy soldiers present fled and the building was burnt to the ground.

Allahu Akbar, and to Allah belongs all Honor, Power and Glory.

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