Iran, Pakistan to Boost Cooperation in Fighting Drugs

A0189566.jpgThe cooperation between Iran and Pakistan will leave no safe heaven or hideout for bandits, a senior Iranian police commander said, underlining Iran and Pakistan’s decisiveness to enhance coordination and cooperation in fighting drug trafficking and bandits. Commander of the law enforcement police of the southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province Mohammad Ghaffari made the remarks during the 18th Iran-Pakistan joint commission meeting in the Law Enforcement central command in the provincial capital city of Zahedan on Saturday.

Ghaffari stressed that Iran and Pakistan can achieve remarkable progress in controlling security conditions prevailing on both sides of the two neighbors’ shared borders through joint political, security and social cooperation, specially through increasing joint operations and simultaneous patrolling, mutual meetings, prompt exchange of news and information about the trafficking of drug caravans and coherence of information and operations.

He further expressed regret over increasing plantation and production of narcotics in Afghanistan, saying, “Unfortunately, the long lack of a central government and stability, the existing cultural and economic poverty, frequent wars and inconsiderateness and lack of responsibility of occupiers (i.e. US and British troops) have contributed to the increasing production of narcotics in Afghanistan.”

The police commander praised Iran and Pakistan for adopting good practical measures in fighting production and trafficking of illicit drugs, but meantime, added, “Yet, statistical figures show lack of planning and effective control on the mass plantation and production of poppy by the aliens.”

For his part, deputy commander of the border guard troops of Pakistan’s Balouchestan said that statistical figures and the number of operations done by his troops indicate that Pakistan has contributed a role in the reduction of drug trafficking.

General Forghanoddin highlighted his country’s anti-drug efforts, but meantime stressed that Pakistan cannot succeed in the campaign against drugs without Iran’s help and assistance, adding that the two neighbors can uproot production and trafficking of illicit drugs in the region through mutual cooperation.

He further called for continued regular meetings between the two countries’ officials both at national and local levels.

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