Wilayah of Iriston: One of the bloodiest sadists eliminated

3_1.jpgA ringleader of kafir gang of UBOP (Department for Combating Organized Crime) Mark Metsayev has been eliminated in the capital of Wilayah of Iriston (Ossetia) of the Caucasus Emirate. Some details of operation of eliminating of senior kafir.According to information ambush using all the secrets of the military-sabotage has been organized against the UBOP ringleader. The movement of Metsayev’s vehicle was blocked by “Zhiguli” car.


Feeling something bad, Metsayev at his jeep tried to ram the “Zhiguli” and to rush out of the trap, however at that time massive fire was opened on the vehicle from two sides.


Eyewitnesses said that the shooting was quite intense. Some Russian media speculated that a short firefight took place in city’s center. According to additional information from Wilayah of Iriston, the attackers just fired a bust on ringleader of UBOP and eliminated him at the spot.


The occupation sources reported that Mark Metsayev returning from a meeting with general of gang of “Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation”, the ringleader of joint grouping of occupation forces in the territory of Caucasus Emirate.


It is also established that the car numbers that sparked accident, were forged.


The eliminated head of UBOP was known as one of the bloodiest executioners of Muslims and kidnappers of people. He led the “death squads” which commit regular raids on Wilayah of Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia), during which the murdering and kidnapping of people, whose guilt is simply that they are trying to adhere to the requirements of Islam, were took place.


Metsayev had begun to lead the gang of UBOP more than 1 year ago. He “served” in gangs of occupation formations about 15 years.

Let us remind that this is already a second noted elimination of high ranking ringleaders of murtadin and kuffar in the occupied territory of the Caucasus Emirate since beginning of the year.


Earlier in the month of January in Nalchik another bloody sadist, the ringleader of UBOP of Kabardino-Balkaria a murtad Anatoly Kyarov (nicknamed “Tolyan”) was eliminated. He was eliminated by the Special Operational Group (SOG) of Command of Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay.

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