FACTBOX: Suspects on run from Yugoslav war crimes tribunal

(Reuters) – War crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic arrived in the Netherlands on Wednesday to face trial at The Hague on charges of genocide for his actions in the 1992-95 Bosnia war.

There are now only two men on the run from the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

Here are some details

RATKO MLADIC, 66 – Military leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-95 war, twice indicted on genocide charges, for the 43-month siege of Sarajevo in which around 12,000 people were killed, and for the Srebrenica massacre.

GORAN HADZIC, 49 – Croatian Serb local official, indicted for planning the murder and deportations of hundreds of non-Serbs in the self-declared Republic of Serbian Krajina in Croatia.


— The U.N. court has indicted 161 people for war crimes in the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

— Fifty-six people have been found guilty and sentenced, 10 have been acquitted, and 36 cases were dropped or the accused died. Aside from the fugitives, the rest are in various stages of trial, in The Hague or in their own countries.

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