Iran Renews Call for Int’l Efforts to End Massacre in Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran once again reiterated the need for continued international and regional diplomatic efforts to remove the offensive and siege against Palestinians in Gaza.

During the last week, over a dozen senior Iranian diplomats were dispatched to various world countries to invite them to push for the said two objectives in an effort to terminate the crisis.

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said at a press conference in Syria that the region is suffering a phenomenon called Zionism which is the source of occupation, incursion and tyranny.

“The phenomenon of Zionism is a testimony that incursion and occupation can be an everlasting threat against this region, however, the world understands today that the phenomenon is not successful anymore,” Saeed Jalili noted.

According to the Iranian students news agency, he then said in the trend of talks with Syria and Lebanon, all parties came up with this agreement that to help end the crisis, all diplomatic efforts must be geared to end war and siege against Gaza saying “we believe the two issues must be the top of agenda for all diplomatic efforts and must be pursued seriously.”

“These two axes must be discussed and be pursued in practical levels, every country which intends to cooperate must work for ending attacks and blockade so that the topic be considered in the UN Security Council.”

He then invited other countries willing to be influential regarding ending Gaza crisis to cooperate within this framework and hoped international community’s efforts would prevent more pressures and crimes against Gazans.

Saeed Jalili has traveled to Lebanon and Syria to hold talks over Gaza issue and discuss ways to put an end on the crisis.

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