SDSM holds rally in Skopje municipality Gazi Baba

Skopje – Social-Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) presented late Monday in Skopje municipality Gazi Baba presidential candidate Ljubomir Frckoski, Gazi Baba mayor hopeful Milentie Janevski and Skopje mayor front-runner Tito Petkovski of NSDP, as well as the councillor list.

“We have an obligation to change the image of Gazi Baba. We will work together, be mobile and operational”, said Janevski.

Skopje candidate Petkovski stressed that Skopje is not just a city, but the face of Macedonia.

“Skopje needs a mayor who will provide all contents of a metropolis. Skopje needs proper traffic, lost of green areas, clear air, parking lots, culture contents that suit a metropolis. It needs a lot of children’s institutions, spaces for the elderly, women, sporting facilities and a new mayor”, added Petkovski.

Presidential candidate Frckoski said people cannot turn their heads from the Government’s economic policy.

“I represent their interests, because they are the victims of a state project. I meet with workers from bankrupt companies, veterans and milk producers, instead of the Government, which should solve their problems”, stated Frckoski.

Acting SDSM leader Zoran Zaev compared the elections with the month of March due to its changes.

“March is a month of changes – rain, nice weather, winds. It is the same with this campaign. There are ones who offer improvement of weather conditions, but act as an weather disaster, while we offer stabilization of the weather situation”, underlined Zaev.

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