Kosovo 21 – Serbia 13 at the ICJ

resizer82Twenty one states have sent their written declaration to the International Court of Justice, ICJ, favoring Kosovo’s independence, while thirteen remain in favor of Serbia.

The ICJ announced that 35 states have sent their written declarations, (including Kosovo) on the topic of whether Kosovo’s declaration of independence announced in February 17, 2008 was in accordance to international law. 

Countries whose declarations favor Kosovo’s independence from Serbia are: US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Albania, Austria, Finland, Poland, Luxemburg, Estonia, Norway, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Latvia, Ireland, Denmark, Maldives and Sierra Leone.

On the other hand, Russia, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Slovakia, Libya, Spain, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, Azerbaijan and Bolivia are favoring Serbia.

With the request of Serbia, Kosovo’s declaration of independence was sent to the ICJ in October 2008.
July 17 will be the latest deadline for countries involved in this process to send in their comments about each other’s declarations.

Kosovo declared independence in February 17, 2008 and has since been recognized by 58 states. Saudi Arabia was the last country to announce its recognition yesterday, a move hailed by Kosovo’s politicians and civil society, considering the great influence Saudi Arabia has among the Islamic world.

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