EP’s Pack says situation in BiH worse than ever

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

The head of the European Parliament delegation for Southeast Europe, Doris Pack, said on Tuesday (April 28th) the situation in BiH is more serious than she thought. During her visit, Pack said “I’ve been monitoring Bosnia for a long time, and it’s now worse than before.

I see no desire to move forward.” Given that, she said the country has never been “so frustrating”. She stressed that the Office of the High Representative (OHR) cannot do the work of local politicians and that BiH cannot join the EU as a protectorate. Pack blamed Republika Srpska for much of the problem.

On Monday, High Representative Valentin Inzk, however, told Vecernje Novosti newspaper that the international community may decide in June that BiH no longer needs an international administrator. He indicated the OHR may close down within the next 12 months. Initially, it was to end its mission in July 2007.

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