Kosovo Accuses Serbia of Misusing EU Funds

President Fatmir Sejdiu lashed out at Serbia’s continuing practice of paying public sector workers in northern Kosovo, and has accused Serbia’s government of using EU funds to do so.

The president said that the wages Belgrade offers Serb health and education workers in Kosovo are exceptionally larger than that of Albanian workers.

“We have information that last year, around 235 million euro were given to parallel structures from Belgrade. Therefore, Belgrade is a factor that causes destruction with the misuse of what is given to them from the international side,” Sejdiu told the BBC.

“If these were their own funds, this would also be a mistake, but it is a theft .. (from) tax-payers from Europe and other countries that support the humanitarian process,” he said.

Sejdiu said that these parallel structures were headed by people that have committed crimes in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, and said their presence keeps the illusion alive for Serbs that this is their country.

Kosovo’s President called upon the international community to pressure Belgrade into ”not disturbing the integration of Kosovo Serbs” into Pristina’s institutions.

He also asked Kosovo Serbs to participate in municipal elections which will be held later this year, as Kosovo is also their country, he said.

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