New Kosovo-Albania Border Point Opens

A new border point opened between Glloboqice in Kosovo and the town of Borje in Albania on Wednesday.

The head of Kosovo Border Police, Bejar Selimi, Albania’s ambassador to Kosovo, Islam Lauka, municipality workers and hundreds of people from both the municipalities of Sharr in Kosovo and Kukes in Albania attended the inauguration ceremony. 

“This passageway, which divided people of the same blood, culture and tradition for over 60 years, on both sides of the Albania-Kosovo border, opens today, so as not to ever close again,” said Duliman Nela, mayor of Shishtaveci.

Kosovo and Albanian border police officials met in Tirana on April 30 to decide on the opening of several new border points between the two countries. The Kosovo government approved the opening of the Glloboqice-Borje checkpoint later.

The new border crossings are expected to increase trade between the two countries and help reduce instances of illegal migration.

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