EU to finance projects on its Eastern border


The European Commission is to fund projects worth a total of 40 million euros (56 million dollars) in countries along its Eastern border, among them Russia and Georgia, officials in Brussels said Friday. The money will be used for initiatives such as improving air quality, preventing drug abuse and in the field of education.

The assistance package is part of the EU executive’s Annual Action Programmes for partner states along the EU’s Eastern border and the Mediterranean. The aim of the assistance is to foster cooperation and economic integration between the bloc and its partner countries. 

Past EU-funded projects of this kind included improving primary health care in Russia and protecting the ecosystem of a river running through western Ukraine and Moldova.

“I am pleased about the allocation of this assistance package of 40 million euros to multi-country projects in the partner countries at our eastern borders,” said EU external affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

“They share many challenges and a joint approach to tackling these challenges could help enhancing confidence among partner countries, thus contributing to increased security, stability, and prosperity in the region,” the commissioner said.

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