Bulgaria: Borisov Appoints Interior Minister

resizer50The leader of the GERB party and Prime Minister-designate Boyko Boriov announced Wednesday afternoon that the GERB chair, Tzvetan Tzvetanov, will be named Bulgaria’s new interior minister.

Borisov broke the news after he and Tzvetanov met with the Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev and other representatives of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation to discuss the problems of Bulgaria’s judicial system.

Tzvetanov has chaired GERB since the party’s creation in December 2006. He has 18 years of experience in the structures of the Interior Ministry.

This is the second ministerial nomination announced by Borisov after his party won Sunday’s parliamentary elections, securing 116 of a total of 240 seats in the Parliament.

After his meeting with the chief prosecutor, Borisov said his plan did not provide for incorporating the prosecution within the executive branch.

“We believe that they can make it on their own. We have the political will to remove any political pressure over the prosecutors. Anyone who has broken or will break the law will be held accountable for that,” said Borisov, who is still technically the mayor of Sofia.

“The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation and the Chief Prosecutor have 100% of our trust, and they realized that in 6 months this credit of trust will have become visible. They are going to get from the government everything that they asked for,” the future prime minister stated.

One of the topics at Wednesday’s meeting was the setting up of a specialized Prosecutor’s Office.

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