New Bulgarian Parliament Swears in

The MP’s from Bulgaria’s recently elected new Parliament swore in at its first session on Tuesday.

Six parties have entered Bulgaria’s top legislative body – Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov’s center-right GERB, the Socialist-led Coalition for Bulgaria, the Movement for rights and Freedoms, the Blue Coalition, far right nationalists ATAKA and the conservative ‘Order, Law and Justice’.

The new MP’s were addressed by Andrey Pantev, the oldest representative in the parliament.

The current Cabinet’s resignation has already been submitted in the parliament’s administration. The next one will be assembled after President Georgi Parvanov gives a mandate to a representative of the leading political party on July 16th, most likely Borisov himself.

On Wednesday the representatives will decide when their next session is going to take place. It is expected that the Parliament will work at least until mid-August, despite the tradition of having a vacation in that month.

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