Romania closes embassy in Cyprus after diplomats caught flu virus


The consulate of Romania’s embassy in Nicosia has been temporarily closed because its consular and diplomatic staff caught the A/H1N1 influenza virus.

A statement posted on the embassy’s website says the measures have been taken “to prevent the contamination of the citizens asking for consular services, and for allowing for the treatment of the employees who fell ill.” 

According to the embassy, currently, all the seven people from the staff and the members of their families are under treatment and medical supervision.

Meanwhile, the Romanian Foreign Ministry cautions all the citizens who recently visited the consulate in Nicosia to monitor their health, and to see a doctor in case they develop flu symptoms.

Reports from Bucharest revealed that Romanian ambassador Andreea Pastarnac was among those who fell ill.

Cyprus’ health authorities confirmed on Tuesday that a total of297 H1N1 flu cases have been detected so far in the Greek Cypriot south, while 18 more confirmed in the Turkish Cypriot north.

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