Survey: BiH most corrupt country in region

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

A new survey by Transparency International concludes BiH is the most corrupt country in the region, according to results released on Wednesday (July 22nd). Corruption is widespread both in Republika Srpska and in the Federation of BiH, according to findings collected over the past two months. Transparency International-BiH official Srdjan Blagovcanin said respondents perceive local administration, courts and health care as the most corrupt sectors, and that a key problem is the lack of political determination to combat graft.

In other news Wednesday, parliament backed Prime Minister Nikola Spiric’s decision to dismiss Security Minister Tarik Sadovic, who refused to resign amid complaints about poor communication and co-operation. Washington, for example, reportedly had complained that Sadovic failed to promptly expel Islamic extremists with suspected ties to al-Qaeda terrorists.

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