U.S., Serbian officials dismiss Kosovo partition


U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that his country is against “any kind of partition of Kosovo”. “I can tell you that our policy remains unchanged,” Toner said, according to Albanian language media in Priština.

He said that he is not familiar with the idea of Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher regarding the “exchange of territory between Kosovo and Serbia”, that would have “Belgrade would keep north Kosovo while Kosovo would get the municipalities in the south of Serbia” with ethnic Albanian majority. 

Toner was further quoted as saying that “the United States supportS the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo within its existing borders”.

State Secretary with the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija Oliver Ivanović said earlier that Belgrade is not thinking about a partition of Kosovo and the so-called exchange of north Kosovo for municipalities in South Serbia.

“That’s out of the question. Both Kosovo and southern Serbia are Serbian territory and no one in Belgrade is thinking in that direction in the political sense,” Ivanović told Tanjug news agency.

Bu he added that it is good that such ideas are coming from the U.S., “because it shows that America too understands that the status of Kosovo is not an issue that has been solved”.

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