KPS arrest “Serb war crimes suspect”


Kosovo police, KPS, spokesman Arber Beka said last night its members arrested a Serb “suspected of having committed war crimes in Kosovo”. This morning, he said that the Serb, “whose surname is Vučković” was arrested in Prizren.

The spokesman specified that the suspect was born in 1973 and that EULEX prosecution and special prosecutions in Priština and Prizren were “informed” about the arrest. 

According to this, the suspect has been remanded in custody for 48 hours. Beka could not say what war crime he is suspected of committing.

Previously, the spokesman stated that “police first received a report that a 32 year-old man had committed the criminal act of making threats, and some witnesses later recognized him as a perpetrator of war crimes in Kosovo.”

The man was arrested on Tuesday at about 18:00 CET.

According to earlier reports, Beka said that the arrest was “coordinated with the district public prosecutor in Priština, the Kosovo war crimes prosecution and the EULEX prosecutor”.

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