War veterans in open letter to Tadić


Kosovo war veterans from Leskovac in southern Serbia are asking for a meeting with President Boris Tadić, reports said today. They wish to meet with Tadić by August 25, in order to solve the problems regarding the wages owned to them by the state.

The former Yugoslav Army (VS) reservists expected that the president will fulfill his promise given during his election campaign, when he told the protesting veterans that everything will be paid to them “after the elections”. 

In an open later to Tadić, the Leskovac veterans remind him that the government has not done anything to solve this issue during the last two years.

Striking Committee and War Veteran Organization President Dušan Nikolić claims that Tadić made his promise during a campaign stop in Vlastonice.

“Tadić told us that this is a great problem for Serbia, but that it will be solved, because it was introduced to the party’s program,” Nikolić said.

Leskovac reservists have been protesting on and off for two years. After last years protests, the government formed a working group, led by Labor Minister Rasim Ljajić, but after several meetings no agreement were reached.

The reservists are asking for their wages to be paid, as they were paid to veterans from Prokuplje, Kuršumlija, Blaca and Lebane, who received an average of RSD 200,000.

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