“Kosovo independence irreversible”


Newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador in Priština Christopher Dell says his country’s policy towards Kosovo “remains unchanged”.

According to the diplomat, “Kosovo’s independence is irreversible”.

Upon presenting Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdui with his credentials, Dell pointed out that the basis of the American policy towards Kosovo is “simple and unambiguous”. 

“First, the independence of the Republic of Kosovo is irrevocable, and U.S. support to Kosovo’s independence is unequivocal. Second, we are still dedicated to our joint project of establishing a democratic, multiethnic, tolerant and successful state that is law abiding, and will become a rightful member of the transatlantic and European family,” said he.

Dell added that he “expects fulfillment of five important tasks aimed at continuation of this project”.

“The project implies continuation of setting up institutions of the Kosovo government and society, ensuring that Kosovo will become a home for its citizens regardless of their nationality, and their unification in the foundation process of the youngest European democratic state, as well as continuation with the development of economy, so that all citizens can benefit from it.”

Dell’s new diplomatic mission in Kosovo is his second in the last ten years, as he was already the head of the U.S. Liaison Office in Priština from 2000 until 2001.

During his career, Dell was his country’s deputy mission chief in Afghanistan, ambassador in Zimbabwe and Angola, and deputy ambassador in Bulgaria.

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