Repeat voting at two Kosovo polling stations


Voting in the local parliamentary elections for the municipalities of Priština and Peć was repeated at two polling stations on Sunday.

Coordinator of the Election Commission (RIK) Veljko Odalović told Tanjug news agency that both stations closed last night without any noticeable irregularities.

Some 80 percent of the resident of Brestovik, in the municipality of Peć, voted, while according to initial information, a little over 20 percent voted at the Donja Gušterica station, Odalović said. 

The elections are being repeated because of confirmed irregularities according during the initial vote a week ago, that is, since voters didn’t sign themselves into the voter lists.

“We will see whether there will be objections to the voting, and we expect the voter lists. Tomorrow morning we should be able to announce the final results of the elections in the municipalities of Peć and Priština,” Odalović said on Sunday night.

During the local elections held seven days ago for the municipality of Peć, relocated to the enclave of Goraždevac, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) received the most votes, while the Serb Progress Party (SNS) won in the voting for the municipality of Priština, relocated to Gračanica.

The Serbian government had dissolved these two local assemblies earlier, citing abuses of office and illegal activities.

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